About Us

About Abivyakti

Abhivyakti Media for Development is an innovative media organization, founded by young media activists imbued with the ideals of social transformation and development. Established in 1987, Abhivyakti has been instrumental in connecting with civil society organisations, community-based grassroots groups, social movements, and social activists, and capacitating them to use communication and media effectively for social action.

Abhivyakti has been championing the cause of marginalized and grassroots groups for more than three decades. We strengthen the voices of the voiceless through diverse media like video, photography, audio, publications, and many other forms. We believe these voices have a right to be brought into the public sphere and be heard. Their stories are important for our democracy, to make it vibrant and inclusive.

We have discovered enormous strength and resilience in the struggles of the people: their different ways of living, beliefs and practices. Their intrinsic knowledge coming from their lived experiences is an important source for us to understand our rich heritage and tradition and devise ways to integrate it into our socio-political discourses on development and democracy.

Our Mission

quote We strive to strengthen the voices and leadership of marginalized communities through community media, co-learning practices, action research and dialogue, and create platforms to make their voices heard in various fora. Our work is grounded in the values of participation, fostering intergenerational learning, listening to voices from the margins, respecting plurality, valuing lived experience in the creation of knowledge and democratic decision-making. quote

Our Vision

quote Grassroots democracy and social justice is deepened through emergence of critical and creative communities that challenges the hegemony of a singular worldview. quote