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EarthCare Designs

Social Design

Since 2010, Abhivyakti supported the germination of a new intervention in the realm of design and are trying to focus on the use of design for social and ecological aims. The initiative is called ‘EarthCare Designs’, and designs and promotes eco-friendly products and sustainable technology.

  • Designed using waste materials
  • Developing systemic solutions
  • Technology-related

In the first category, we have designed simple technologies like oil-expellers, food processors, cashew processors that operate using human or renewable energy, such as the ‘solar laminator’ we designed for NIF, Ahmadabad. Our second products are made from ‘waste’ materials such as coconut shells, bamboo sticks, used paper, and used cloth. We have designed jewelry and accessories such as earrings, necklaces, key chains and belts from coconut shells. We also make pen stands, lamp shades, paper furniture, candle stands, and more. Finally, in designing long-term systems, we have come up with ‘Waste Care composters’ for an individual as well as industrial/apartment use. The ‘composter’ turns organic waste into good quality compost which can be sold back to us, and which we supply to urban gardening initiatives and organic farmers. So far, EarthCare has supplied 300 (and counting!) composters in the Nashik city, and a few outside Nashik as well.

Further information can be found at EarthCare’s website: www.earthcaredesigns.org