Our Services

  • Documentary  films, community  videos and short films

Though we believe ‘change’ is the only constant in life; for some people/communities, this ‘change’ is a farfetched dream. We feel this media ‘form’ reflects things happening around us in its real spirit and our attempt is to reach closer to these images and voices.

  • Corporate films,  product  videos, Course modules, Ad films

People believe things when things become more tangible! We engage Ourselves in documenting scripted stories through these forms for various Agencies to help them reach out to their targeted client in a better way.

  •  Short  term courses and workshops on film making and photography

With smartphones in almost every hand and improved communication channels, people have become more expressive and further wish to master the art and discipline of audiovisual media to better express themselves. Over the years we have been nurturing minds of enthusiasts by empowering them with knowledge skills and perspective pertaining to photography and film-making.

  • Thematic Videos

Deep research in studying socio-eco-political trends and lives of individuals in communities would reveal that there are several issues and concerns that are still unheard. We explore such themes and document stories of success, struggles and of rich rooted cultures.

  • Audio programming

We believe radio is another powerful tool for ‘change’. With careful programming strategies and program, content, radio can change the lives of many individuals and communities.

  • Organizing film festival

Since 2010, We’ve been organizing ‘Ankur’ film festival in Nashik, which is a platform for budding filmmakers in Maharashtra to exhibit their work.

Ankur Film Festival Information

Ankur film festival is a unique socio-cultural public event organized by Abhiyakti since 2010. Ankur film festival came into being to celebrate cinema of the young. Many film festivals exist but rarely do they give space to young and first-time filmmakers an opportunity to exhibit their films. 

We believe that there are many films being produced by a growing tribe of filmmakers based all over India. Many on diverse issues confronting us and they need to be screened as a cultural right. 

Ankur recognizes this rich diversity of varied expressions on diverse social issues and commits itself to showcase such films. we believe that Ankur is a space for not only exhibiting socially relevant films and documentaries but is a platform that encourages dialogue on films. film making and the various issues it depicts.