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Volunteer with us and contribute your valuable time and skills – we want designers, photographers, web designers, content developers, translators, and more. We also offer short-term and long-term internships to young students.

Job Openings

Post of Field facilitator

About Shodhini Initiative : Shodhini, a participatory action research programme conducted along with tribal and marginalized girls from villages of Trimbakeshwar region.The research enables them to conduct various research methods like census and in-depth surveys of their fellow girls in their villages. This initiative not only focuses on analyzing the findings derived from the gathered data but also on generating action based on data. It helps improve the way Shodhinis look at themselves, their families, and their communities, inspiring girls in their villages. By amplifying their voices and opinions in the decision-making processes at the family and community levels-for instance, by lobbying for the construction of libraries- the Shodhinis are able to demonstrate their leadership skills in shaping the development of their villages, thereby enhancing their dignity and self worth.

The Field Facilitator reports directly to the Project Incharge (PI) and is responsible for project coordination on field including planning and delivering on capacity building related activities, mentoring and monitoring and reporting.

1. Mobilizing Shodhinis,and stakeholders in the process of project planning and implementation of the proposed activities.

2.Conducts regular field visits and follow up as needed to build and maintain contact with participants.

3. Manages the logistical arrangements for capacity building workshops and events.

4. Assisting in facilitating workshops on gender, sexuality, and evaluates them and reports to the PI.

5. Research and facilitates Action research with Shodhinis.

6. Transcription and translations of documents.

7. Assisting in report writing and content creation.

8. Mentoring & listening to the needs of participants.

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