Our Philosophy

Underlying Abhivyakti’s work are certain core values: a secular outlook, sensitivity to gender, caste, religion and racial oppression, commitment towards a plural media environment, and egalitarian and transformative approaches. We believe these are important in the media context as conventional media has tended to be modern but not necessarily socially transformative.

Abhivyakti has also attempted to think beyond narrow definitions of ‘media’ and address issues relating to social communication. We consciously uphold and privilege the standpoint of underprivileged and oppressed sections of society. These sections have been the focus of our activities and also our working partners in a number of projects. Our motto –‘media for development’ – thus becomes relevant and significant in the context of our focus group. Abhivyakti has tried to demystify media and make it a viable tool for common people, especially for the marginalised. Abhivyakti has fostered open, transparent, learning-oriented, collegial culture both within the organization and outside. It has aimed to promote these elements in the sphere of its influence.