We at Abhivyakti invite you to participate, support, or contribute to make our vision a reality. Our appeal is to those who seek a way out of hegemony of mainstream media, and who wish to support the creation of alternative platforms and spaces which will foster a plural media environment and promote active citizenship and democracy.

For the people of Nashik, Abhivyakti offers a ‘space for the expression’, where you are invited to share your critical and creative ideas and insights which can lead to new possibilities and exciting journeys for us together!

You can get involved with us in a number of ways:

Share with us your ideas, questions, new initiatives which we can explore possible partnerships. You can also introduce and connect us to like-minded individuals and groups, and spread the word if you like our work! Join our collective by participating in our city-based activities, community radio programs, as well as become an eco-conscious citizen by getting a composter and contributing to EarthCare Designs.

Volunteer with us and contribute your valuable time and skills – we want designers, photographers, web designers, content developers, translators, and more. We also offer short-term and long-term internships to young students.


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