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Training and Workshops


Generating media and communication resources which can be used in day to day work

Media Resource Center Facilitation


People can make creative use of our Media Resource Center to Express and make others Express.

Networking and Alliance Building


We feel that the Active Apprenticeships program would be effective way of advancing the educational and organizational purpose.

Learning Hub


It is an alternative space for community media and community development actitioners for collective learning and sharing.

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Abhivyakti Media for Development
Abhivyakti media for development has hosted Mr. India in collaboration with Kusum Agraj Pratishthaan.
Mr. India is a play against eviction presented by a theater venture group named


The play unfolds in a setting where an already displaced community is once again being forced to migrate. Having still not received the promised compensation for their first displacement, the dissatisfied community gets into a tussle with the administration. When one of the village elders consumes pesticide in desperation, and a resolute young activist comes forth to help organize the villagers’ resistance, the officials are determined to use every trick in the book to force out the ill-fated community. Gradually, a conflict of interests begins to take place within the community itself. While some refuse to part with the land they have worked so hard to make their home, others want to use this opportunity to get out of the village and seek a better life. Adding to the drama is the man-for-all-seasons, Mr. India, ever ready with a quick fix for every problem that may crop up in the community. But is Mr. India everything he appears to be? As the plot thickens, new shades of Mr. India are revealed.

The play is action-packed, and filled with songs that comment on the proceedings of the play as well as the Indian development model per se.

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