Ankur Film Festival

2010, Ankur has evolved as a platform for exhibiting films by young, budding grassroots filmmakers and also as a platform for learning media skills, develop media perspectives and understand social realities that are impacting our lives. 

Ankur, we wish to promote the culture of viewing documentary films in both rural as well as urban populace. We also wish to promote films by women filmmakers and invite notable documentary filmmaker to share heir experiences with our audience. Our intention is to create an environment that would facilitate dialogue on social issues and also facilitate learning language of filming social realities creatively. 

Over the years, many noted filmmakers like Anand Patwardhan (Noted ocumentary filmmaker, ‘Jai Bhim Comrade’), Samar Nakhate (veteran film expert and critic from Pune), Lancy Fernandez (Subject matter expert and social researcher of the famous TV show, ‘Satyamev Jayate’), Anjali Patil (National Award-winning actress from Nashik, famous for her role in Sri Lankan film ‘Na Bangaru Thalli’), Paromita Vohra (well-known filmmaker and writer), Nishtha Jain (Documentary Film ‘Gulaab Gang’), Shabnam Virmani (documentary filmmaker behind the acclaimed documentary on Saint Kabir), Farida Pacha and Lutz Konermann– (Documentary filmmaker My Name is Salt), Padmashree Girish Kasarvalli (Veteran filmmaker, Images and Reflections) have graced Ankur film festival and shared their knowledge and experiences.