Abhivyakti is engaged in many activities with different sections of society, most of whom belong to marginalised communities. Some of our main activities are:

Community Video

The transition to community video idea evolved as we gained experience. Having worked as producer of video documentaries on social issues for many years, we began to realise that as story-tellers we are still outsiders. Being outsider is a comfortable position. The issue doesn’t belong to us, nor do the struggle and hardships people face. While contemplating how to bridge this divide, the idea of community video emerged. The idea was to equip the communities with the know-how of digital story-telling and creating an enabling environment which fostered creation of video stories from the people themselves. While the idea was easy, actualising it took a while.

These videos can be seen on –

Community Radio

We believe the community radio is first and foremost an opportunity that is truly in favour of putting the media in the hands of the common man. The government of India in December 2002 approved a policy for the grant of licenses to civil society organisations and institutions to set up community radio stations to allow civic engagement on issues of development and social change. It’s a welcome shift in the present context of national broadcasting which is in the control of a few and whose focus is mainly entertainment. Community radio in that sense is like a space for ordinary people to become engaged in its every aspect. They can become producers of good shows, they can be involved in designing the entire programme, and they can be anchors, artists and mangers or be just listeners of programmes which talk of their interest, aspirations and lives. In short, people who were used to being just listeners have the opportunity to become active. Diverse cultural realities which hardly get any representation now have a chance to be heard! At Abhivyakti, we are excited by the opportunity to create a platform for the people of Nashik to showcase their talents before their own community through the medium of radio.

Co-learning Workshops

Abhivyakti organises short term as well as long term training workshops on a variety of issues related to communication skills, media skills, leadership, team building, trainer effectiveness, organisational effectiveness, self-development and tailor-made trainings suited to the needs of grassroots organisations and groups. Our aim is to facilitate learning in participative and effective ways. We either organise or announce trainings and workshops on our own initiative, or we collaborate with other organisations to build their teams’ capacities. We also work in schools to strengthen the learning processes of students and enable teachers to make the teaching-learning environment more child-centred and effective.

Content Development

Abhivyakti has a long history of publishing print material in form of journals, newsletters, booklets, manuals, and more. We collaborate with other organisations and provide them with content development and documentation resources. We research, visit, interview and document case studies which are then published as per the needs of our partners.

Advocacy & Networking

network advocacy We are part of many networks in Maharashtra and India, which have contributed to the deepening of our understanding of society and at the same time enabled us to further develop strategic thrust. We have also started advocating for the rights of marginalised communities using different media and communication technology. Our approach to advocating for the grassroots is through a decentralized network of exchanges that mobilise and circulate the knowledge and praxis of marginalized communities. We also want to initiate a network of grassroots partners, media functionaries, and civil society organisations which will further this cause. This network will connect individuals and institutions together, build their capacities, learn together and become transmitters of grassroots knowledge, praxis and advocate for the demands of those who have been rendered voiceless on the margins.

Strengthening grassroots organisations

We understand that many grassroots organisations and small groups need assistance in making their organisations more effective. We provide financial and administrative services that strengthen the capacities of the organisations and enhance their organisational effectiveness.