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Helped Families
COVID – 19

As a response to COVID pandemic, we have been creating media material to generate awareness amongst people. The media includes video films and series of posters…


Schedule of Ankur Film Festival

Ankur film festival is an annual socio-cultural public event organized by Abhivyakti Media for Development since 2010 in Nashik, Maharashtra…


Documentation Workshop
दस्तऐवजीकरण कार्यशाळा

कार्यशाळेची वैशिष्टये
प्रशिक्षणात सहभागी पद्धतीचा अवलंब
प्रात्यक्षिकातून शिकण्यावर भर
तज्ज्ञ आणि अनुभवी व्यक्तींचे मार्गदर्शन


About Abhivyakti


Abhivyakti has been facilitating media and communication towards sustainable development since 1987. It is located in Nashik, India. The organisation’s mission is to strengthen citizenship, local governance and social justice by enhancing the media and communication resources of NGOs and grassroots communities.

Abhivyakti believes that critical and creative communities are possible to challenge the hegemony of the singular world-view. Abhivyakti works to strengthen the processes that develop, enhance and deepen the emergence of critical and creative communities at the grassroots and which rejuvenate grassroots leadership, democracy and social justice.

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Impact Stories

From Shodhini to Madhyam Sakhi

Manisha Gangode is not the typical rural girl. A little shy perhaps but determination writ large on her face, she resisted attempts…


Film Screenings

Sangeeta Pardeshi is one of the field functionaries who is known as ‘Madhyam Sakhi’. Sangita works in three talukas….


Mahila Sabha

A Mahila Sabha is a meeting of women of a village, which takes place before the Gram Sabha, to address issues related to women….


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